Tulips are easy…sort of.

Re-hydrating tulip stems is not a problem if the sleeve is left intact as stems firm up in water. These flowers are not needy—blooms don’t need the glucose in flower food to perform. So what’s up with the “big flop” after 2-3 days in the vase?

Tulips and other bulbous flowers frequently suffer stress at harvest that throws their hormones out of balance. This causes in prematurely yellow foliage, short longevity, stem stretch and loss of color vibrancy.

Is there a fix?

Yes! Rebalancing the hormones will alleviate these problems.

When the tulips are harvested, growers give a first drink formula specially designed to inhibit stem stretch, keep foliage vibrant and add several days of additional vase life. Wholesalers and retailers can continue the care process by placing the flowers in water with Chrysal bulb t-bags (1 bag per ½ gallon cold water). These supplements ensure bloom quality and add 2-4 days to vase life.

Florists have traditionally ignored tulip handling at any level, but bulb food for tulips (and lilies, alstroe, nerines, anemones, ranunculus and iris) significantly improves their longevity and marketability. Why not underpromise by offering tulips with a 5-day vase life and overdeliver flowers that stay beautiful for 8 days?