Wedding Bliss & Plan, Price, Place: Special Events

OCTOBER 11-15, 2020

5-Day Course

BloomNet Florists: Installment payments available to members. Please call for details!

Non-BloomNet Florists: $899.99

3-Day Course: Wedding Bliss

BloomNet Florists: $499.99 payable in six monthly installments of $85.00.

Non-BloomNet Florists: $599.99

2-Day Course: Plan, Price, Place: Special Events

BloomNet Florists: $499.99 payable in six monthly installments of $85.00.

Non-BloomNet Florists: $599.99

  • Tuition includes all of the following: flowers, supplies, presentation materials, transportation to and from the airport, lunches, group dinners, refreshments, and breakfast provided by the hotel.
  • Friends, Food, and Facts dinner with Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, CFD, PFCI, and Jackie Lacey, AIFD, PFCI, CFD

Today’s wedding market is exploding and everyone wants a piece of the pie… well, more like the wedding cake. We see the wedding and event markets growing larger and more competitive every day, which is why it’s essential to get more comfortable with today’s wedding designs and the business of doing business in the ever-changing market. Much of what retail flower shops used to do is decreasing, but this part of the floral industry continues to thrive. This hands-on course focuses on design, style, and trends — where to get it and how to sell it. We study the market and help students build a new understanding and confidence both in front of the client and behind-the-scenes. Then the course instructor shifts gears to focus on events by assigning a group project. The instructor will take the class step-by-step through conception, planning, executing, and presenting a theme.

Renato Cruz Sogueco, our VP of Digital Strategy, will also instruct on business and digital strategy topics that will build your shop’s success, including:

  • building website relevance through search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SMO)
  • content creation and management
  • website content
  • social media posts
  • directory references
  • online reviews