Use of GPS Units: Delivery

There are several different GPS units available to help your driver make a delivery. Some vehicles have a built in Navigation Module which show the driver actually where the driver is and allows for an address to be entered in, and the driver is given turn by turn directions to get to a delivery address. Today’s smart phone are capable to doing the same and some of the florist software packages will  download a route sheet into the phone or a standalone GPS for those shops that do not have a vehicle with built navigation. Supplying the latest technology to your driver, may cut down on the labor cost and insure timely delivers.

There is another GPS unit that provides you as the shop owner to monitor where you vehicle(s) are, where the vehicle has been, the speed of the vehicle and any warning lights the vehicle is displaying. It does not help the driver know the current location. Why do you need to know all that information? If you send out a new driver with 8 deliveries and comes back 5 hours later, you can view a report which shows the entire route and where the vehicle has stop. It cuts down on joy riding, stopping at home for lunch and the mall for some shopping.

The other and more important piece is safety, letting your employees know that the vehicle is equipped with Vehicle tracking help make them obey traffic laws. Most systems will send emails when a vehicle’s speed exceeds a specified speed say 70 MPH or leaves a specified area called a Geo-Fense.

Last comment, if the vehicle is involved in an accident, the records on the vehicle can help or hurt your defense should there be a lawsuit.

Installation is very easy, the GPS unit plugs into the vehicle’s on board computer and reports to a web-based site. The service runs about $30 a month and is offered by all the major cell phone companies.

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