Welcome to the March-April edition of floriology magazine, our bridal issue, filled with insights designed to increase your wedding sales and profits. For example, read some smart tips for enhancing the classic round bridal bouquet (pg. 14), see how wearable floral art is becoming a must-have for today’s brides (pg.16), check out several exciting ideas for wedding centerpieces (pg.18), and be inspired by innovative ways to create beautiful floral chandeliers (pg.20).

As we enter the Spring 2019 bridal season, I also thought it would be a great time to share some uniquely different, interesting (and fun!) wedding trends that are currently popular in various parts of the world.

  • Scotland. More and more Scottish couples are wanting their pets to play an important role in their nuptials. For instance, dogs of all sizes and breeds are serving as ring bearers, floral crowns are being created for dogs and cats, and many pets are being outfitted with mini bridal kilts and bow ties.


  • Australia. Photo opportunities “down under” are all ablaze with a bright and festive new trend as increasing numbers of couples light up colored flares while posting for bridal portraits. At some weddings, smoke screens are also being utilized to add flair and drama to the occasion.


  • United States. Leave it to California to usher in a laid-back bridal trend. Los Angeles in particular has become a destination for camping-themed weddings where everyone sets up tends and they enjoy relaxing and telling stories around the campfire as well as karaoke singing under the stars…then they all wake up the next morning for the bridal ceremony.


  • Ireland. Among the all-time favorite snacks on the Emerald Isle are sandwiches made with Tayto Cheese & Onion Potato Chips on white bread with a dab of butter – a crispy concoction that millions of Irish people grew up with. These days, bridal couples are serving this tasty comfort food as a nostalgic, end-of-reception snack for hungry guests.


  • Russia. Wedding planners in Moscow are creating elaborate receptions with themes inspired by pop culture icons, such as Star Wars and other well-known movies. The events feature Hollywood-style lighting, pyrotechnics, and live performances by costumed actors. What’s more, 3-D projection mapping technology is utilized to place moving imagery on bridal decorations and even on wedding cakes.


In addition to the global wedding trends described above, I thought you would like some information about the various costs associated with today’s weddings here in the U.S. The following statistics are from Brides.com and the Brides 2018 American Wedding Study.

  • National average cost of a wedding: $44,105
  • Average spent on flowers: $2,629
  • Average cost of engagement ring: $7,829
  • Average spent on wedding rings: $1,890
  • Average cost of day-after-wedding brunch: $1,500

In a separate report, The Knot 2018 Wedding Guest Study surveyed people who were either included in the bridal party or attended a wedding as a guest. Those findings are as follows:

  • Average spent on wedding day gifts by members of the bridal party: $107
  • Average spent on wedding day gifts by guests: $88
  • Percentage of guests who purchase a gift from the couple’s registry: 34%
  • Percentage of guests who give cash: 29%
  • Percentage of guests who give gift cards: 10%

You might also be interested in knowing who is paying for weddings. According to the Brides study, 27% of couples responded that they had fully covered the costs of their wedding themselves in 2018 while 42% left the responsibility for paying to their parents. Fifty-eight percent of couples surveyed said they had contributed to some of the cost of their 2018 nuptials.

I hope you enjoy this issue of floriology, hand have a very successful bridal season!







Mark Nance, AAF | President