This is Not What I Ordered! Understanding What Consumers See

Do you ever hear, “this is not what I ordered” from a customer? Any florist can relate to this common complaint. For this blog post, we share how this perception may have a lot to do with the electronic device consumers are using to view your website and also how display settings may alter the way the same image may look across devices.

Screen Size Matters Across Devices

Let’s talk about devices. If you think about it, most customers will probably be using a desktop or laptop computer which may be connected to a large, high-resolution monitor during the day. On the road, they’ll likely be using their smartphone where images are shrunk to a small square. When at home, the preferred device may be all of the above but more likely they’ll be viewing your website from a tablet or smartphone on the couch and in their bed late into the late.

The variety of screen sizes will ultimate skew their perception of the size of the arrangement. Be sure to include dimensions in descriptions or provide a point of reference like a glass, mug or even an actual ruler to provide reference.

Understanding Display Settings and Backlight Color

Custom display settings is usually the main culprit of why consumers complain about color. Review the video bellow. Our laptop — which customers will probably use during the day, will have the brightest setting with full, white light back lighting. The iPad and iPhone are set to display a warm glow. This is now standard with most devices for night-time viewing as it’s less harsh in dark rooms. Because of these color setting what your consumers sees might be very different from the product they receive.

This is not what I ordered! Understanding what consumers see. from BloomNet on Vimeo.

Quality of Photographs

The reality is you have no control over what device customers use or their settings. Your only option is to be sure you use high-quality and accurate photographs on your website.

For the next few blog posts, we’ll share a couple of photo studio setups that could meet budget and size parameters, photo capture best practices such using the right lighting and camera, and framing shots to accentuate the elements and principles of design in your arrangements.

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