Summertime is flower time, but summer blooms can be tricky. Unlike prissy greenhouse blooms that follow the rules of hydration, field flowers tend to be incorrigible ruffians that misbehave in the vase. Summer blooms come in covered with soil, germs, bacteria and grit from the field. . . which clogs the plant’s vascular system and blocks the flow of water and nutrients.

Good news! The solution is easier than you think!

Scabiosa, courtesy of

Scabiosa, courtesy of

What’s the trick to hydrating scabiosa, Queen Ann’s lace, gomphrena, zinnia or dahlia stems? Chrysal Professional Gerbera pills. These pills knock out germs so the flower’s plumbing system remains open for free flow. Don’t let the gerbera name fool you—Gerbera Pills work great on any bloom that is sensitive to pollution (like gerberas) or quickly fouls the water (like callas, kale, and stock).

Dahlia courtesy of

Dahlia, courtesy of

Prep is easy — simply dissolve one Gerbera pill per 3-4 quarts of water. Let flowers drink for between 4 hours and 2 days before arranging them in vases filled with flower food.

Monet captured the imagination with waterlilies. Van Gogh’s sunflowers were iconic before the canvas was dry and anyone who loves Georgia O’Keefe’s poppies knows she was oblivious to shades of gray. Let your creativity soar with the bounty of summer’s beauty.