Showcase 2017 Wedding Trends with these 3 Bouquet Styles

This year’s wedding flower trends vary from extravagant themes using opulent accessories to simple options featuring natural materials—with popular romantic themes falling between the two. How can florists use these trends to showcase their flowers?

Style-savvy florists can scale designs up or down to match either budget and offer brides trendsetting bouquets using these three popular styles.

1. Freeform bouquets

beautiful pink tulip peony green rustic wedding bouquet

Photo Credit: Ashley Ruiz Fresh Forum

The freeform bouquet featuring a bride’s favorite flower is a popular trend. These bouquets are often horizontal, loose and free flowing or angular in form. The jasmine, peony and blackberry vine bouquet above was designed in a Grande WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder.

French Flourish is a dominant color theme this season featuring rich shades of red, coral, pink, purple, deep blue flowers and dark green foliage along with berries, small fruits, branches and vines.

beautiful bride pink red green wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Carolyn Shephard

Local, seasonal and sustainable products are preferred. Many flowers that were once seasonal are now available throughout the year thanks to global production. However, if the flowers have to be special ordered or shipped in from another country, that can add to the cost of a bouquet. Flowers common to the locale and season or purchased in bulk by suppliers often cost less, cutting the cost of a bouquet.

beautiful pink green stargazer lily cascading wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Sharon McGukin

Intimate events are becoming more popular. Even with a budget to consider, some couples still hope to offer their guests a luxurious experience. To do so, they are opting for small and intimate weddings with a short invitation list. By limiting the number of guests, they can invest in extravagant details. This bouquet above isn’t large, but it features lilies, roses and orchids for an upscale look.

beautiful Rose, lily, delphinium cascading wedding bouquet
beautiful purple green cascading wedding bouquet

A traditional church wedding is no longer the norm. Today’s adventurous couples are choosing alternative settings such as museums, gardens, historical sites, barns, seashore and even forest settings for their ceremony. These trendy twosomes want flowers that reflect the same chic style. The three bouquets above were designed on a Grande WEDDING BELLE® Bouquet Holder.

2. Rustic Bouquets

rustic green wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Ashley Ruiz Fresh Forum

Brides are asking for rustic bouquets. With an increasing number of weddings taking place outdoors, brides want arrangements that feel natural and organic. Rustic weddings of past years often included mason jars and hay bales or boots and barns. This year rustic is more sophisticated and features the upscale use of natural elements. The mason jar is now passé and has been replaced by the gold-rimmed goblet. Current themes include Rustic-Modern, Enchanted Forest, Rustic-Glam and Neutrals & Naturals.

Garden Greens is one trend that combines fresh flowers with natural materials such as mosses, succulents, vines, cones, pods and foliage. Brides previously asked for no foliage in their bouquets. Some are now requesting all-foliage bouquets.

cascading green rose lily alsotromeria wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Ashley Ruiz Fresh Forum

cascading rustic greenery wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Ashley Ruiz Fresh Forum

 The fresh flowers and foliage of the same color are used as in this hand-tied made of green hydrangea and alstroemeria bound with Green OASIS™ Rustic Wire, and topped with a thin cascade of Green OASIS™ Aluminum Wire and plumosa (above, left).

3. Cascading Bouquets

pink salmon rose lily cascading wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Sharon McGukin

pink green rose snapdragon cascading wedding bouquet

Photo credit: Sharon McGukin

The cascade returns! After years of smallish hand-tieds, romantic cascading bouquets featuring an abundance of flowers are back. Soft-petal garden flowers such as peonies, roses, ranunculus, lisianthus, and dahlias are perfect for the bride who wants this classic look of sophistication. Incorporate a few tropical flowers in the mix for unexpected form and texture.

The modern romance trend features delicate peach to pink shades of flowers blended with soft gray-blue foliages like lambs ear, dusty miller or any of the eucalyptus family and succulents. These two large cascades above were designed in Extra-Large LOMEY® Bouquet Holder with the handle turned upside down to counter-lever the weight.

Why should a florist follow current trends?

Knowing the current trends and incorporating them into your design collection helps to attract trend-savvy brides to your floral business.

How can you showcase these wedding trends in your bouquets?


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