Security for your Shop

As part of running your shop, security is coming more than just making sure that all the doors are locked at night. Almost every day, I hear a commercial from a law firm stating, “Have you been hurt at work or while being at a business” you are entitled to compensation because of your injury. As an owner of a flower shop, I always wanted to make sure that the store was safe for both my employees and my customers. Daily inspection of the outside of the shop to ensure that the premises are clear of any hazards, clean and well maintained. Try to make sure that your outside lighting is also working properly.

Inside, we all know the drill, a good clean and organized shop makes for safe environment for both the customers and employees.

Lately, that does not seem to be enough. For years, the shop had an alarm system which basically did several things, if someone broke into the store, the alarm would go off, the police were called and one was woken out of my bed to answer the call from the alarm company. We also had the feature that our coolers had a temperature monitor so if the cooler temperature rose over 40 degrees, the alarm would sound. The last feature was a log of when the alarm system was turned off and reset on again and by which employee or code.

Now, with the low cost of video monitoring systems, you can have cameras recording the outside of the shop and inside your shop 24 hours, 7 days a week. Now you have proof that the employee / customer did have the slip and fall accident, as well as video of employees walking out the back door with merchandise that was not rung up on the POS system.

A safety program with video monitoring may also save you money on your business insurance

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