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The holiday season is a fun time to switch up traditional decorations by adding distinctive trends. The key thing is always remembering to create designs and elements of interest that showcase your personal style and taste. The goal is to accent any décor that compliments your home and brings personalization to your holidays. Here are six trends to try this season:



Use items like pumpkins, gourds, berries or grapes in a bowl to create a seasonal centerpiece. Simply incorporate fresh flowers in water picks to help enhance these displays and become a decorative element to any table. If you want to submerge, use distilled water for clarity. Be sure to seal puncture sites if wood pics are used and simply coat with petroleum jelly which can help enhance the shine be sure not to consume the coated items.




Adding items such as different plant materials, unique succulents, ribbons, or even dried products allows for accenting without cutting the vegetable item. You can easily hollow out these items to use as a container, and no liner would be required if you just add foam and flowers. Think of color enhancing with design master to give it a very personal touch.


Hollowed out pumpkins make the perfect container for a Fall arrangement.


Autumn still life with flowers, pumpkin, fruits and candlesbotanicalscenterpiece


Take your seasonal designs to another level by adding leaves, but don’t forget use the branches as another way to draw the attention to your arrangement. Leaving the leaves on the branches adds another design element and interesting take. For example, simply binding groups of wheat can dress up your container.




It’s always good to choose fresh botanicals that will dry well and look great without a water source. Think of using items such as herbs, lavender, or even antique hydrangea which look great fresh as well as dried. You can always incorporate items such as evergreens, air plants, and even orchid plants with minimal misting to keep these items vibrant and fresh.


Antique hydrangeas are a beautiful addition regardless if they’re fresh or dried.


Accenting with gold can ALWAYS take your design to the next level, but other metallics such as copper or silver will also have the same effect.


Christmas decoration

Metallics are a beautiful holiday staple.


When working with traditional winter floral pallets, consider natural or glam accents. Branches, plant materials, crystals and gems all offer a different approach to even with the traditional palette. Try utilizing textures of various greenery and even add a touch of your everyday greenery accented with design master color tools such as gold or copper. Using personal items in a traditional winter pallet takes your everyday traditional design into today’s traditional appeal.

White and Gold Holiday Centerpiece 145128 146693

White and Gold Holiday Centerpiece 145128 146693