SEM is Must-do Marketing

When I speak with most florists about search engine marketing (SEM), many admit it’s a mystery to them and thus don’t participate in this marketing method – this is downright scary. More than 8o percent of consumers turn to search first when they begin the purchasing process, according to RetailingToday, so having your shop’s ads appear in search results is an absolute must.

In our upcoming Webinar, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Demystified this Wednesday, January 11 at 4pm EST, we’ll explain SEM in simple terms, how to prep your website to be ready for online ad campaigns, and walk you through how to create basic campaigns. These campaigns will focus on combatting local and national marketers from using your business name as a keyword (stealing your sales), capturing web clicks through local searches and attracting mobile device users to walk into your store. Click here to register now — space is limited!

Floriology December 2016Read more about why SEM is such a valuable strategy in building both online brand and sales, and how it complements search engine optimization (SEO) in the column “Organic Rank is Not Enough: Making the Case for Online Advertising,” in the December issue of Floriology magazine. Not a subscriber? Click here to email us to get on the list!



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