paid ads vs organic listing placement

A graphic from Mediative outlines placement of paid ads over organic listings.

Have you checked out where organic results appear on a search engine results page (SERP)? Yep, right below the paid ads. And if you’ve done a search on your exact business name, you’ll be astonished to find competing ads — from both national and local competitors, appear in the ad space.

There is not a random coincidence. It’s legal for advertisers to use your business name as a keyword for online ads. So when local customers search for you, they’ll likely click on these ads thinking it’s your business, according to many eye tracking and click studies from Google and Mediative.

We address how to protect your business brand and orders at the Society of American Florists (SAF) 2016 Convention session in Maui, “Adwords Intermediate.” In this session, you’ll learn the full value proposition of Adwords, learn the differences between Search and Display networks, deciding to use either Adwords Express or Adwords and learn about how to measure ads campaigns and how to tweak them.

For those who are Adwords veterans, the “Adwords Advanced” session will show you how to enhanced text ads through Ad Extensions, chase down customers who visited but didn’t buy using Remarketing, how to start shopping campaigns, reach Gmail users and leverage video through YouTube Ads.