How Do I report my Wire Orders

This series is designed to give the florist a basic understanding of the wire order segment of the floral business. Because there are several different segments of the Wire Order Business, each week I will attempt to cover one of the below topics.

1. Understanding How Wire Orders are generated

2. Why do I want or need a Wire Service?

3. What are the Income and Expense involved with Wire Orders?

4. How do I report my Wire Orders?

5. How do I read my Wire Statement?

6. How Do I reconcile my Wire Statement?

7. How do I account for my wire orders in my books/accounting records/ general ledger?

4. How do I report my Wire Orders?

This week we will discuss:

How to report Wire Orders  

The Good News is that you only must focus on those orders that you receive as the Filling Florist. If you are receiving these orders electronically through a wire service system, like Mercury, Dove or Bloomlink, those incoming orders are already being reported and you do not have to report those orders. The orders that you receive by telephone or fax which are from a Florist using a wire service shop code are the orders that you must report to the wire Service, to get paid for filling the order. In the old days, each wire service had an Orders Filled Worksheet that was filled in and mailed to the Wire Service., usually on a weekly or biweekly or once a month. Today, there are several ways that the Wire Orders received can be reported. Some of the POS Systems have built-in programs to report those orders that have been entered into the system. The order report will be electronically reported to the wire service. The Wire Service may provide a portal on the internet to report those orders that you have fulfilled.

It is important that you report all those Wire Orders that you receive which have come through the telephone or fax in a timely manner. You must also review your Wire statement to make sure those orders you reported are on the wire service statement and at the correct amount. We will cover those points in the next two blogs.

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