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Social Media For Mother’s Day

Wednesday April 24th 4:00PM EST

With social media becoming a great way to expand your business, it is important to maximize your presence during the holidays. Join Sara Hernandez and Tony Hines this week as they talk all about posting schedules, content creation and social advertisements.


Event Promotions : Part 1

Wednesday May 15th 4:00PM EST

Presented By- Renato Sogueco AAF, PFCI and Maris Angolia

Events are a great way to expand your business, but they can be difficult to navigate. In our three part webinar, we will take you through all the online steps to make your event a hit. In part one join us as we discuss how to create an event website. From examples to booking events, this website will help with everything.

Event Promotions: Part 2

Wednesday May 29th 4:00PM EST

Presented By- Allia Lewandowski and Michaela Hills

Events can be difficult to put on, from the planning to the execution, it seems like nothing will ever be finished. With all the details needing your attention, let us help with your promotions. From how to create your event on social to how to create advertisements, we have you covered in part two. Join us this week and learn how to make your social event promotions work!


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