Best Practices to Reduce Waste

Receiving Shipments

  • Get flowers into cooler immediately. Reduces stress on blooms. Reduces condensation on petals and inside sleeves (Botrytis prevention)

Cooler set point:  Regular cooler: 34-38F 80-90% RH


  • Spritz counters and cutters throughout day with ready-to-use Chrysal cleaner solution
  • Empty trash cans frequently and sanitize regularly (to avoid Botrytis spores floating around)
  • Keep tools and choppers sharp. Ragged ends leak cells into the solution. Bacteria explodes


  • Rough handling triggers internal production of ethylene in flowers.
  • Never drop boxes onto pallets or dump out grower boxes on processing tables = mechanical damage
  • Stack boxes on pallets in cooler to avoid soggy bottoms (Botrytis needs moisture)
  • Give breathing room in buckets—
  • Place sensitive blooms in low-drip locations. Keep flowers DRY to reduce Botrytis problems.

Stock Cooler

  • Check actual temps by checking temp of a bucket of solution—don’t rely on wall thermometers
  • Make sure green bits, old buckets, deco moss, lunches and trash cans are out of cooler (Botrytis spreads)
  • Shelf placement—provide enough space to avoid bruised flowers when buckets are pulled from middle shelves
  • Good airflow between cooler walls and products –reduces electricity use. Improves efficiency
  • Foliage boxes closed up between use and at night (avoid dehydration)

Display Coolers

  • Is there good air flow around buckets?
  • Shelf placements—avoid flower damage from using buckets too tall for shelf heights
  • Regular cooler check-up schedule? Do coils get vacuumed?
  • Bouquets too crammed? No air flow = Botrytis problems

Display Shelves

  • Use paper towels instead of rags to clean. (rags harbor germs –cross contaminating surfaces)


  • Under-dose = Waste of $$…impossible to achieve best results
  • The wrong solution – using whatever’s at hand (e.g. vase solution for display buckets–too sugary)
  • Clean buckets between each use (bacteria is #1 flow-buster!)
  • Avoid softened water feeding into store spigots
  • Keep flowers DRY. Allow finishing sprays to dry 100% before flowers go into cooler
  • Mix Chrysal solutions with cold water or better, pre-chill day ahead to speed uptake in stems
  • Topping up with fresh Chrysal solutions (not tap water)
  • Never consolidate bucket solutions when consolidating flowers.
  • Never pour old solutions into fresh

ConsumerProvide Chrysal flower food and reasons why to use it. Avoid the aspirin, 7-UP, viagra story

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