Easy Tips That Can Generate Publicity and Grow Sales

As a local business, it’s important for your shop to be top-of-mind in your community…that way, when customers want to connect with their special someones through the beauty of flowers, they will think of you immediately. And that’s where public relations can be a valuable complement to your shop’s promotional strategies.

Another benefit of public relations is that unlike pay-for-placement ads, publicity in various media is typically an unpaid way of sharing information with your audience. Furthermore, public relations efforts…for example promoting events such as an upcoming open house at your shop…are generally perceived as news, which can resonate in a timely way with customers.

Here are some tips for taking an effective approach to public relations.

Make The Right Contacts, and Participate Where Possible

Of course, local radio stations along with printed and online newspapers are vital sources to get the word out about your shop. But don’t ignore other opportunities to gain publicity, including: sponsoring local community events such as parades, golf outings and holiday tree lighting’s; operating a booth at fairs and festivals; and participating in local fundraisers.

Be a Strong Spokesperson For Your Business

Chances are at some point the local media will want to talk with you or feature you and your shop in an article or a blog. Be well prepared ahead of time to speak about such key aspects of your business as: the artistry of your designs; the breadth of your gift offering; your abilities to personalize arrangements; your delivery capabilities; and any other advantages you can bring to customers. Keep your answers short, and to the point, with factual information to back up what you say (i.e., the number of years of combined experience of your design team).

Promote Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

Be honest, who else in your local community knows more about floral design and how to create the perfect arrangement for every occasion? Be proactive with your expertise, i.e., by sharing floral care & handling tips on your website, in your social posts, and with local media. If you are asked to speak about floral design or running a small business, take advantage of that opportunity. If the local TV station wants to do a story about your shop, jump at the chance to “strut your stuff ” and tell the audience why your innovative designs can express just the right sentiments.

Remain Consistent With Your Messaging

A successful public relations campaign is just that: a campaign. And as such, the messages conveyed by your business across multiple media platforms (traditional print media, online, etc.) must be consistent. For instance, always refer to the name of your shop in exactly the same way to avoid confusion (i.e., if your full shop name is Henderson’s Flowers & Gifts, always call it that rather than just “Henderson’s” or “Henderson’s Flowers”).