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Charley Howard, Director of

Managing floral finances and operations is not easy. So it’s always nice to get advice from a peer who’s been doing it — and well, for more than 25 years. Please get to know Charley Howard, Director of World Flowers and business instructor at the Floriology Institute.

In his blog, “By the Numbers with Charley Howard,” and through content in Floriology classes, he focuses on the financial aspects of being a florist in today’s environment, providing a basic understanding the florist’s sales numbers, cost of goods, labor and payroll costs, operating expenses (fixed and controllable), understanding the cost of wire in and wire out orders, and other income such as delivery, relay fees, rebates, and commissions.

Just a little bit more about Charley. He arrived in sunny Florida from the frozen tundra of New England in 1991, to work at Kuhn Flowers in Jacksonville Florida as the controller (that’s bookkeeping, accounting, computers now IT, and personnel and payroll). His prior background was construction and real estate and taught at the college level as Adjunct Staff for Post College and Southeastern Community College.

Through the 25 years in the floral industry, Charley helped Kuhn Flower grow from two shops to 8 shops with sales of $10 million annually and 75 employees, managed through a Gerald Stevens acquisition, bankruptcy and Kuhn Flowers being sold to management.  Fifteen years later, he ending up owning 70% of the company before retiring at 65 years old and selling his interest to his partner.

Charley joined BloomNet in September 2016, as Director of World Flowers, a business unit which markets fresh flowers to BloomNet shops. In addition, he manages the Product Telesales Team that sells BloomNet and Napco products to BloomNet shops.

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