6 Apps For Taking and Editing Photos and Videos Like a Pro

Now that you’re using a smartphone to take well-lit photos and videos of all your floral work for blogs and social media posts, the next logical question is: How do you enhance and store your growing media library?

We’ll conclude not all you’ve captured is of Ansel Adams or Steven Spielberg quality. Luckily, there are lots of apps available for your smartphone that could help you touch up these photos and take better video.

Pro Camera 8: app for capturing and editing photos and videoApps for Professional Capture and Editing

On the iPhone, we recommend ProCamera for $4.99 and Camera+ for $1.99, both found in Apple’s App store. ProCamera edges out Camera+ in our opinion because of its simple, well-laid interface, overall stability (doesn’t crash) ProCamera also provides the most manual functions that match any DSLR camera’s total control of shooting variables. If you choose to spend less, you’ll get less with Camera+. It’s still a capable app but doesn’t provide as much as ProCamera.

If you sway towards the Android side of the smartphone equation, you don’t have to pay a single penny for either Google’s Snapseed or Open Camera. Both provide clean interfaces, lots of manual options and loads of filters and frames. Open Camera also allows you to capture HD video.

The App for Real Pros

FiLMiC Pro App: app for capturing and editing photos and videoFor capturing video with more control, we recommend FiLMiC Pro. You can purchase it from the App store at a whopping $14.99, but it’s definitely worth every penny: this app converts your smartphone into a full-on professional video camcorder. Features include variable speed zoom, audio gain control, and variable frame rates up to 240fps on newer devices. You also have full manual control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, tint and color temperature. High-quality audio is critical to great videos, and this app provides audio meters and stereo microphone support.

Storing your Photos and Videos

As we’ve recommended, you’ll want to capture photos of every floral arrangement — it’s all art, right? But how do you store all these photos and videos? Google Photos is your answer. Google lets you store ALL of your photos at “high quality” or pay a fee if you want to store them in full resolution. My take from this is “high quality” is good enough if you only plan to use these photos in blogs or social media. If you plan to use them in print advertising, this quality may not be high enough. Aside from unlimited storage, Google Photos’ main advantage the ability to access or upload photos to and from any device. This feature is essential in a mobile and media-heavy world.

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