Making it through the Valentines Holiday

There is a lot of advice out there on how to get through one of the busiest holiday for florists. Eat right, get plenty of rest and do not worry about the small stuff, because it is all small stuff.Obvious, that advise did not come from a fellow florist.

We have spent the last 45 days talking about planning for this holiday and now you must handle all of those items that seem to pop up and require immediate attention.Using Murphy’s Law (whatever can happen, will happen, and at the worst possible moment) let’s look at some situations we can blame Murphy on.


For those of us that live in the cold climate, we ask for sunny skies, no snow / freezing rain or temperature so low that makes it almost impossible to make deliveries. There is very little can be done about the weather.


this year we are experiencing one of the worst flu seasons in recent time, hopefully you and your staff can remain healthy through the Holiday. Yes, it is too late for that flu shot, but have the staff wash their hand frequently during the day, keep your distance from your customers that appear to be coughing, sneezing and have a bad cold. Hopefully you have a back-up plan / standby help just in case a staff member is not available.

Long days and hours

Most of the time, it is unavoidable, so try to give the staff a break and offer a cold drink and a little snack. It could be a cookie, piece of cake, chocolate or fruit. It shows you care about your staff. If you are working after the dinner hour, bring in a bag full of cheeseburgers or a couple of large pizzas can tie the staff over until quitting time.

Final thoughts, Your work load this week is probably 10 times a normal week, your customers like you are under a lot of stress, worrying about their own order and do even think about the stress you are under. If you do a great job with their order, they will be a return customer. Disappoint the customer and they will probably never come back to your store and give you a second chance. Keep a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, A SMILE ON YOUR FACE, DO NOT OVER PROMISE AND LAUGH ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK.

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