Leveraging Wedding Planning: The Knot & Wedding Wire

Wedding planning has been revolutionized by websites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire . They allow future brides and grooms to connect with local vendors in a unique platform in preparation for their special day. As a florist, The Knot and Wedding Wire are great to consider when thinking of advertising the work you do! These websites give you great adverting tools and have the potential to connect you with clients that are looking for your services.

However, it is important to evaluate whether or not these websites are a good fit for your business strategy. These websites have various features and benefits that work according to the type of profile you decide to subscribe to. Both websites offer free accounts, as well as, a range of payed profiles. Before you dive in into The Knot, Wedding Wire or both, make sure you have an idea of how much you are willing to invest and if the cost outweighs the benefits.

It is vital to point out that no matter what wedding platform you choose, having an up-to-date website and social media accounts is essential for consumer conversion. When clients use The Knot or Wedding Wire, they are not going to only rely on the platform’s profile, but they are going to check your website, Instagram and Facebook. If your website and social media are not organized and updated, it is very likely that they will move on to the next florist in the area.

To help you make this decision. here is a breakdown of what each platform can offer your flower shop!

The Knot

The Knot connects couples in 86 different markets to vendors in their area. Currently they have about 12 million users that are eager to find the best florist for their wedding day. All vendors are listed on their web page according to the industry and are given a mini website.

Prices depend on your flower shop’s location. For illustration purposes, I have gathered the average cost for a florist in Northern Florida.

They offer four different profiles:

Lite – Free

If you sign up for this type of account you will get to create a profile and link your website and social media accounts.

However, you will not be able to post any photos. Additionally, advertisements from sponsored florists will appear on top of the page.

Standard – $95

This profile type allows you to add photographs. You are also placed above the florists that have a free account.

Featured – $140

If you have a feature account you will have the benefits of the standard account in addition of appearing on the first page of searches.

Premium – $165

This type of account places your profile in the top six in the listing.

Wedding Wire  

Wedding Wire connects about 5 million unique users to around 200 million professionals in the wedding planning industry. They also have around 2 million unique monthly directory searches. Wedding Wire not only connects you with future clients but also helps you keep track of your performance.

They also offer four different vendor profiles:

Lite- (Price not listed.)

This profile allows you to have a basic profile with text, links to your website and social media. It is formed differently from The Knot. You can put pictures in your profile.

Professional– (Price not listed.)

With this plan you get education and events, account analytics, lead tracking, client management features, store from enhancement, no competitor ads and placement above lite users.

Featured– (Price not listed.)

Vendors with featured profiles have the same benefits of professional profiles but are placed higher in the listing.

Spotlight– (Price not listed.)

This is Wedding Wire’s premium profile. With this account type, you have the most exposure given, and you are placed at the top of the listing.

*We could not find prices on their website. For more information on pricing, contact them on their website.*

Things to Consider

Both companies offer amazing platforms to connect with new clients. They both help couples find the best florist according to their budget. However, consider these three things when choosing what type of plan is best for your company:

  • The Knot has more users than the Wedding Wire. This wedding planning platform is more popular among brides and grooms.
  • Wedding Wire allows you to put pictures in the “Lite” version, while The Knot doesn’t. This wedding planning platform also allows users to sort by average ratings and number of reviews.
  • When choosing a vendor profile, consider how many vendors are on the website. If there are thousands of vendors, it is a good investment. You are paying to be on a more advantageous passion in the listing. However, if there are not many vendors, I would not recommend paying to be featured. As you will most likely be on the first listing page.

Take advantage of these amazing wedding planning platforms to connect with future clients! Remember to keep your website up to date and keep up with your social media. Show you clients what you can do. Keep in mind their budget, and make them happy on their special day with your amazing creations!

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