Let’s Go to Prom

It’s that exciting time of the year where high school students shake off their nerves and ask out their crush to prom! As florists, you have the important task of helping the new generations thrive in this rite of passage. Boutonnieres and corsages will always be classic prom elements, yet they will continue to evolve and transform through time.  

Rumor has it the new generations do not think of flowers, but when it comes to prom flowers, Generation Z is a captive audience. They are looking for personalization and experiences that will make this day memorable and to capture their attention on Social Media is a must!  

Now you ask – What social media platforms should I use? The answer is simple, when in doubt, Facebook and Instagram! Facebook is used by 88% of adults in the US and Instagram is used by 72% of teenagers in the US. By using these two-social media channels, you will be reaching the most important prom audiences; the parents and the high schoolers.  You can always link your Facebook and Instagram accounts, so whatever you post on one will also be published on the other.  

There are many ways you can promote your prom business. You can simply post a picture of a corsage and a boutonniere and let people know you are doing prom flowers in the caption. If you want to be a little more creative, you can also leverage some of the social media post ideas below! 


As the prom season begins, we start to hear more and more talk of “prom-posals”. Although prom is an exciting event for many high school students, the prom-posal itself is usually the most unforgettable part of the experience. Why is this? Because the situation can send teens on a nerve-wracking rollercoaster ride. With the fear of rejection lingering after every word, the simple phrase “will you go to prom with me” can turn into a nightmare. For the teen that’s too nervous ask, giving flowers can be a simple and effective gesture to help them say the words they were not able to get out. 

So how can you use prom-posals to promote your business on social media? Simply let your customers do the work for you! We know that flowers have the ability to make a situation special and we also know that young teens are constantly looking for a way to one-up their peers, so as a florist you can use this to your advantage. By encouraging them to create unique floral scenes and designs with your products, your teenage customers won’t be able to resist posting photos, videos, stories, and snapchats of the event. 

To help your customers create the prom-posal that everyone will talk about, encourage them to try these ideas:  

  • Use flowers to decorate the chair that their date sits in while they serenade them 
  • Purchase flower petals to sprinkle all over their date’s car for a pleasant surprise after class 
  • Buy flowers in their date’s favorite color to add a personal touch to the event 

Go Beyond Flowers  

This prom season you can go beyond selling and promoting flowers in your social media. Think of selling or patterning up with companies that sell products related to prom. For instance, you can buy used prom dresses, sell them at your physical store, and share this initiative on your social media platforms. This fun exchange will give you some extra revenue as well as help you promote your flower business. You should create different reasons for the high schoolers to visit your flower shop. 

Leverage ambassadors  

If you’re having trouble appealing to the younger generation, try hiring ambassadors using social media. Using an ambassador to help you reach your target market is an old yet rewarding marketing tactic that really pays off. One of the many ways this can be done is by offering a reward or discount to your high school ambassadors if they refer their peers to your shop to purchase flowers for prom. Agree to pay them a certain fixed amount to help cover the costs for their tuxedo or dress as an incentive! 

Whether you decide to just sell corsages and boutonnieres or to go all out and sell prom-posal packages and prom dresses, we encourage you to use social media to promote your prom business. Leverage the content that your clients create and make sure to ask them to tag you on their prom photos. Have an awesome social season!  

By: Floriology Social Media Specialists Sara Hernandez and Tony Hines

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