Keep calm and stay cool!

It’s happened to all of us.  It’s the dead heat of summer and the air conditioner dies.  We don’t mean like oops there was a power surge and it kicks back on, no this is a full on air conditioning meltdown.  You are hot… your brow begins to glisten and then gives way to a full-on sweat.  You’ve stripped down to the bare minimum clothing, and you are drinking water like a fish to try to stay hydrated.  You are taking every measure possible to stay cool.  Flowers are exactly the same!

When conditions are extreme, especially heat, flowers will like people begin to increase respiration at a much faster rate.  The need for water intake and continued water intake in order to maintain temperature and not “dry out” will be increased immensely.  Always the best course of action with cut flowers is to maintain constant temperature and avoid extreme heat, cold or drafts.  Should you experience a spike in temperature be sure to check water/solution levels in vases and buckets as well as condensation that may have developed on the inside of sleeves.  Sleeves with condensation should be removed or changed immediately to avoid botrytis or other complications.

Keeping flower fed, nourished and fully hydrated has never been easier than now!  Express from Floralife® takes all the hassle out of the care and handling of fresh cut flowers.  Prepare you bucket or vase with the recommended flower food to water ratio, place flowers in solution and voila!  Cut or not cut your flowers will perform.



Floralife®, a division of Smithers-Oasis, is a worldwide leader in postharvest flower care and handling. Floralife® has been for 80 years and counting, the flower care experts.  Inventors of the first flower food in 1938, since then we’ve continued to partner with our clients to address specific quality concerns and create a line of floral care products suitable to feed, hydrate, nourish and protect at every level in the distribution chain.  As a globally positioned company, we are proud to offer our expertise, consultation and education to anyone in the floral industry seeking knowledge and the tools necessary to provide only the freshest, long-lasting flowers to their customers.