Working for events is wonderful! On-site setup puts your brand and your work out to the world. The general public cannot grasp what you are capable of doing, by just walking in your shop or cooler. At a party, event or gala people can see the quality and creativity of your work.

It is important to have a strategy when you do on-site setups. You want to put out there your incredible vision by having a clear action plans. I suggest you have a meeting with your team on site before the event. Take a quick walk the venue, make sure everyone is on the same page, and then send them to do their job.

Also, make sure you are organized before and on the of the event. Double check you have the products and the tools before you leave to be on-site. Have your liability insurance up to date. This way you will prevent issues of liability with the venue, your clients, or yourself.

Always remember to be professional! You are always representing your brand. Wear your flower shop’s colors and name tag in order to be identified as part of the set up. Clean- up after yourself. Professionalism is essential, you are at the venue to show your client, their guest, and friends what you can do!