Industry Insights: What challenges does the floral industry face in the future?

One challenge that all segments in the industry face is attracting talent to our businesses. We hear this from all the segments, retailers, wholesalers, growers. The issue is getting people to want to work in the horticulture business. We know we have a great industry! We just need to convince this next generation. This is essential, because without talent, how are we going to be a successful business? When it comes to retailers, another challenge is establishing a strong online pretense. If the consumer cannot find them online, if they cannot see them on their phone, then they have lost that business. The industry as a whole is facing the peaks and valleys of sales. We have high sales on holidays but we also have low sales between holidays. Keeping flowers in the minds of consumers when they want to buy a gift is a challenge, especially with companies such as Amazon.

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