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Do you want your website to have a better ranking on Google? Put your writer hat on and start a blog! Writing can seem a intimidating at first. But don’t worry too much, you don’t need to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to start writing a blog. The key to writing a blog is making relevant and useful content that Google can recognize as relevant. Here are some key components of a blog that is SEO friendly!

Use Headings

Headings help structure your blog as well as guide the Google spiders through your text. The headlines help Google know what are the main topics of your blog and will consequent will rank you accordingly. Remember to make the headlines relevant and make sure you place some key words to have better ranking.

Use Key Words

When Google goes over your blogs it scans for relevant repeated words and ranks you on search accordingly. Use words that your consumers would search and repeat them over your blog. However, make sure the text is easy to read and is not just a list of searchable words. In fact, you want to write complete coherent paragraphs that will add value to the customers that read your blog.

Use Links

Links are an essential part of making your blog SEO friendly. When Google goes through your text and sees you have links to other pages they see that you are creating a conversation between different pages. In addition, when Google sees that other pages are linking to your web page Google recognizes this as your website being relevant. You know what this means- better ranking!

Add Content Regularly

When ranking, Google also considers the freshness of your content. If you add content frequently Google will see that you are relevant to readers and therefore rank you better. The length of your blogs is also something you should consider. You should write minimum 300 words. Photos and video also make your blogs more relevant to google!

Having SEO friendly blogs are essential to have a better ranking in Google. And you know what that means? More people will see your business in their search if you rank higher in Google. If people find you in their search they will more likely buy online from your shop or call you to make an order!

If you need help with your SEO friendly blogs we are here to help you. The Floriology Digital Marketing Services team is made of marketing experts that can help you have amazing searchable blogs!

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