A picture is worth a thousand words! Imagine what people would say about your business after seeing pictures of your designs. Instagram is a great social media platform that has little to no out-of-pocket investment but a plethora of opportunities for growth.

The first thing to know about Instagram is that it is a visual-based platform! This platform was created to catch the eye of users. Before you even start posting content on the platform, think of how you want everything to look.

Instagrams are all about themes. Your Instagram’s overall look, logo and profile should be visually appealing. pages need to be able to immediately grab the attention of viewers. There are many themes you can choose from, PLANN has done a lot of that research for you!

Behind every great Instagram is an even better camera You don’t have to go out and buy a brand-new camera. If you have a new smartphone, you are set up for success. Most smartphones have high-end cameras that produce high-quality photos that are comparable to most cameras.

Since you have a camera right in your pocket, it’s time to think about editing apps. Instagram heavily relies on the user creating engaging photos and videos. To ensure your photos are top-notch for your Instagram feed, it is best to invest some time in editing apps. It makes the process so much easier! These four highly recommended editing apps are the best place to start: InstaSize, Unfold, ColorStory, and Layout from Instagram, which can all be found in the Appstore.

These apps will allow you to create, edit, and plan your posts in real-time. InstaSize allows you to crop photos and videos into the correct format for Instagram. It also allows you to add filters and borders to your content. Unfold is an app that helps turn your content into visually appealing Instagram stories/highlights. This app has a plethora of presets to help elevate your content.

ColorStory not only has hundreds of filters to choose from; it allows you to plan your Instagram feed and schedule time for posting. The Layout is another photo editing app, but this one allows you to create one-of-kind photo layouts. You can create collages and dynamic photos all at the press of a button.

Use these simple tips to create a beautiful Instagram that expresses what you have to offer. If you need any more help, Floriology Institute’s Digital Marketing program helps do the heavy lifting for you! Click here for more information