Hiring and firing have changed throughout the years. Nowadays turnover is tremendous and generational differences can create some issues. However, with the correct screening you will be able to hire the correct talent for your flower shop.

In the market, there are different designers with a variety of skill and knowledge levels. The key for hiring the right person for your business is making sure you pick a team player that is eager to work. It is essential that you hire someone that can get along your team.

This holds true for all kids of flower shops but most importantly in small shops. Make sure you look for someone that is willing to wear many hats. In a small floral business, you want someone that is a good designer but is also willing to deliver orders or be on the front desk if needed. The people that you hire need to understand that there are other obligations beside being a designer.

Firing is hard, we rather not do it, but it is part of operating your flower shop. Having an action plan is essential to make firing as smooth as possible. Make sure you have clear reasons why you are making this decision. Writing things down always helps with this. Document everything from the good to the band and indifferent. People can have bad days and that necessarily is a reason to fire them.

Doing a proper screening when hiring will help you not have as many problems when firing. In floral shops, the biggest issues are when employees do not show up to work, have lack of care, or there is theft involved. If you document their work progress you will have a clear idea if they are putting effort or just coming to get a paycheck.