droopy gerbera daisiesFlower food rocks! Blooms need water and nutrients to maximize their longevity potential. Flower food boosts flow into stems, keeps water clean and provides energy for buds to open and hold all the way to the end.

Vase life is an interplay of water balance and nutrients in cells. The 7Up, aspirin, and vodka stories are fun, but for consistent results, nothing beats commercial flower solutions.

Use a hydration solution to stimulate flow for dry packed products. If flowers have been hydrated at the wholesaler, give a fresh cut and display in flower food. Every time a stem lands in a bucket or vase, it is drinking–something. Make it count!

A fresh cut with every solution transfer is important because 75% of flow-blocking gunk is lodged in the stem end. Germs, bacteria, slime, dead cells, dust all stop flow. No flow, no vase life.



Gay SmithAbout Gay Smith

Gay’s career has been entirely focused on flowers. Working in California, Holland and Miami has provided first-hand experiences with the challenges growers face, the nutty habits of wholesalers, hectic systems of bouquet makers and funky practices of retailers. For the last 16 years, she’s worked as the technical manager for Chrysal, working to advise and advance quality practices.