Floriology Institute Welcomes Four New Instructors to the Education Team

Floriology Institute is proud to announce the addition of three Floral Design Instructors and one Finance and Operations Instructor to our Education Team. We are committed to helping florists expand their design skills while growing their business, and one of the most important ways we can accomplish this is by offering business and floral instruction taught by a team of floral design and business experts. Each instructor comes with years of distinguished experience in the floral industry and we are excited for them to share their expertise in the floral design classroom.

Charley Howard

Charley currently serves as the Director of World Flowers and boasts many years of experience working in the business side of the floral industry. He focuses on the financial aspects of being a florist in today’s environment by helping florists understand and apply the basics of sales, cost of goods, operating expenses, wire in and wire out costs, and income from delivery, relay fees, rebates, and commissions in the context of their own businesses.

Charley writes a weekly blog for Floriology, By the Numbers, that gives creative tips and advice to help florists merchandise their shop, manage different types of costs and expenses, and create plans to optimize their sales and spending during different times of the year.

In 1991, Charley moved from New England to Florida to work as the controller for Kuhn’s Flowers, which gave him a first-hand, expert understanding of the financial responsibilities required to run a successful floral design business. His insight is extremely valuable to florists who run their own businesses and makes him an important member of our education team.

I believe it’s important to assemble a diverse team that is able to contribute a variety of talents and perspectives. I think we’ve achieved that with our new additions to our Education Team.

– Renato Cruz Sogueco

Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education

Stacey Carlton, AIFD, CFD

Stacey is a second-generation floral designer who is passionate about creating beautiful floral designs with her signature style and teaching others to design their own unique pieces of floral art. Her freelance floral design work and her floral design company, the flora culturist, are constant sources of opportunities to create and innovate through floral design commissions in locations including Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles.

Throughout her life, Stacey has sought continual floristry, horticultural, and visual arts education, culminating in her American Institute of Floral Designers certification and induction in 2010.

She is an internationally published floral artist who boasts three-year consecutive wins in Fusion Flower Magazine’s 2015 International Designer of the Year competition and was recently featured in the 2016/2017 International Floral Art Book by Stitching Kunstboek.

Stacey takes her inspiration from nature and loves to celebrate humanity’s unique connection with plant life. Her “natural modern design aesthetic” and passion for floral design will be a welcome addition to our Floriology Institute Floral Design Instructors team.

I have been looking to expand the design team for some time and I welcome the talents, experiences, and knowledge these three ladies bring to strengthen our team. I could not be happier.

– Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Director of Education and Industry Relations

Lesley Bolden, AIFD, CFD

Lesley is a Senior Designer for Napco Imports with fifteen years of experience in retail floral design. She is a widely respected source of design knowledge and an American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD) inducted member who has displayed her design work in multiple AIFD stage presentations.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a concentration in clay and a minor in art history. While she has explored other art mediums, flowers have remained her favorite medium and the constant focus of her artistic expression.

Lesley is the source of imagination and inspiration in Napco Import’s product design. She is currently responsible for the product design of the company’s entire line of floral containers and display elements. In addition, she also creates and coordinates merchandising, visual display, and floral arranging to show her designs to their best advantage. Her eye for design and her floral expertise will be a major asset to the Floriology Institute Floral Design Instructors team.


Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Sandy Schroeck is an award-winning designer, trend watcher, and educator with a strong belief in creating excellent floral designs. Her design expertise, experience running her business, Trend On Design, and passion for floral design are the perfect tools for teaching others to convert consumer and color trends into floral sales.

Sandy studied Retail Floriculture Management at University of Minnesota-Waseca and is an accredited member of American Institute of Floral Design where her years of floral design experience earned her a Vice-Chair position on the AIFD National Membership Committee.  In 2012, she was inducted into the Professional Floral Commentators International, and she won the prestigious North Central AIFD Bobbi Cup in 2015.

Schroeck lives by the mantra “educate, inspire, influence”. This motto exemplifies her passion for introducing floral professionals to new products, creative mechanics, and design techniques to help them become more innovative and profitable designers.


Floriology Institute is very proud to bring these four knowledgeable and experienced professionals into the Education Team. We are dedicated to providing the best possible design instruction and business insight to help florists succeed as artists and in their floral design operations. To meet those goals, we have intentionally assembled a diverse team of instructors to help our students integrate floral design excellence and proven business practices to grow their shops into strong, successful floral operations.

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