Floral Operations for Profitability

florist doing business

Learn all the best business practices to run a profitable flower shop — from design management, shop operations, accounting to marketing local and on the web.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Florists are artists by nature. We love using flowers to create masterpieces of color, texture and pattern that capture the eye and bring the viewer joy. This creative mindset is vital to running a successful floral business, but it must be partnered with a business-savvy perspective for the shop to thrive.

Our new two-day class, Floral Operations for Profitability, blends demonstrations of design principles and floral trend that customers demand with instruction in proven business practices that, when used together, will grow your flower shop into a success.

Our expert Education Team with a combined century of floral industry experience will help you reach customers online and deliver the products that will put a dollar in your pocket and a smile on their face.

HOTEL & TRAVEL: To help ease your travel plans, we have split the class to allow you fly in on Sunday morning and fly out Monday afternoon. This will require only one hotel night at $87.01, to help control costs. We also buy your dinner Sunday night!

Operations Segment with Charley Howard, Director of Products and Services

Charley Howard

Charley Howard, Director of Product and Services

Charley will share insights with flower shop owners and managers on how to operate a profitable shop with growth potential. He explains the financial aspects of running a successful floral business and effective operations management to help you grow your business’s profits.

The Operations Segment will focus on four main areas:

  1. Sales – targeting and building revenue streams
  2. Cost of Goods – controlling costs and pricing arrangements to boost net income
  3. Payroll & Labor – setting goals and targets for production? for payroll costs?
  4. Operating Expenses – understanding and managing fixed and controllable expenses

Digital Segment with Renato Cruz Sogueco, VP of Digital Strategies

Renato Sogueco

Renato Cruz Sogueco, VP Digital Strategy

In today’s digital marketplace, a business’s website may be the only storefront customers see. In fact, 80% of all consumers – your customers – search on Google and other search engines to find businesses, view offerings, and compare reviews before buying. It’s critical your business actively seeks customers and generates online sales.

Renato Cruz will share and provide guidance on insightful digital marketing practices, including:
• Capturing high-quality photos and videos to use in online marketing campaigns
• Website tweaks to ensure you rank on the first page of search results
• Social media best practices to engage customers effectively
• Strategies to drive positive online customer reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook

Design Segment with Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Jackie Lacey

Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI

Floral design in today’s market is changing and will change faster than we can comprehend. Staying up-to-date with the trending styles can overwhelm floral shop owners, managers, and designers – especially those who are new to the floral industry. To build a successful, profitable flower shop, business strategies and best practices must be paired with knowledge of the designs and styles in high demand. Renowned floral designer, Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, will give you the tools you need to build your profits with instruction in:

  • Elements and Principles of design
  • Go-To Design Recipes to Cut Costs
  • Utilizing the top 20 floral varieties on the market building dynamic recipes that increase your profits