Design Time! with Floriology Instructors

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Design Time | Holiday Foliage

On this week’s #DesignTime, Jackie Lacey shows us different ways to spin using holiday foliage!

Faux Christmas Decor

Faux Christmas décor gives a cute, country look to any home or store. Stepping out of your comfort zone into new trends brings new ways to grow your business.   Hold a workshop in your store, it’s a great marketing technique to bring in more customers. Customers can come in and work hands on and see how products […]

Design Time | Faux Christmas Decor

On this week’s #DesignTime, Jackie Lacey teaches us how to design faux fresh holiday decor- perfect for an in-store workshop for ladies ‘ night!

Extended Design Time | Wire Work for Flower Jewelry

On this week’s #ExtendedDesignTime, Jackie Lacey and Angelyn Tipton talk about wire work when making flower jewelry. It is the perfect time to start practicing new styles for proms, weddings and holiday parties. Register for the upcoming hands-on design course today!

Short Cuts

EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS Suggestions for seeking and profiting from freelance design projects In today’s market, we see more and more retail spaces closing and the role of the traditional florist changing from necessity. As one door closes another opens and at times we have to welcome the change and meet it head on. Many retail florists have […]

Design Time | How to Use Fatsia Foliage

On this week’s #DesignTime, Jackie Lacey teaches us different ways how to use Fatsia Foliage. Shout out to FernTrust, Inc. for providing the product for us to use!

Budget Beaters

          The Art of  COST-EFFECTIVENESS  Stylish designs need not be expensive and complex    High-style arrangements have always been an art form for me…not necessarily complex, not necessarily built with expensive flowers, and not necessarily in luxurious vases. High-style arrangements can be minimal, clean, artistic and cost-effective. They can be built with […]

Curly Willow Armature

Spice up your flower arrangements with curly willow armatures. They give new look to any piece. A new look pulls customers in. New styles mean more profit for the shop. Experiment with new style and see what you can do.  Modern style is popular. Curly willow armatures help give off a modern look. They help allow for a simplistic look, good flow and curve. Incorporate natural material for a beautiful transition into a unique […]

Curly Willow Armatures | Extended Design Time

On this week’s #ExtendedDesignTime, Jackie Lacey talks about easy techniques for curly willow armatures.

Midnight Floral Foam

It’s very easy to stick with products we know and love. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and try some new products. Watch your arrangements fly right of the shelfs with this new product from Smithers OASIS called Midnight Floral Foam.   Well what’s the difference with Midnight Floral Foam and Max Life Green Foam that I have been using. Well guess what Midnight Floral […]

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