Valentine’s Day is a traditional holiday. However, wouldn’t it be great to “wow” customers who are searching for something outside the box, something unique? What’s more, aren’t many customers looking for a new twist on everyday floral arrangements?

People who follow social media will notice many changes in floral trends these days. For instance, the newer-generation customer is increasingly seeking soft colors, muted tones, more textural material, and of course, beautiful containers.

Shown here are several examples of designs that are not only different and exciting but cost-effective as well.

1) Set in a heart-themed container, this arrangement is compact in size, perfect for a bedside table, kitchen counter, or anywhere else to surprise a loved one. With a mix of luxury greens and one red rose, this design can express love perfectly. Additionally, with the rose cut short, it will keep longer to enjoy over more time.

2) A luxurious mix of blooms such as cymbidium orchids and roses blended together can be a  simple way to create a breathtaking arrangement. In this design, I used a round vase with an oval opening. The bear grass is cut in half and tied at the bottom with gold wire, enabling the arrangement of the flowers directly into the bear grass. The cymbidium stem is in a water tube. A final touch of wirework in a heart shape gives this design extra pop.

3) A combination of modern style and compact design, this arrangement makes quite the statement with great textural value. I used spray roses, red roses, ranunculus and viburnum placed in a textural patterned container and added bright green accents to complement the colors. Medolino stick from Smithers-Oasis (formed into three circles laid on top of the arrangement along with wirework hearts) adds movement.  

4) Not everyone wants red flowers. In our shop we routinely have customers asking for non-red Valentine’s arrangements. Soft colors plus rose gold is always a winning combination, both for Cupid’s big day and for everyday designs. By using a rose bowl in an updated way, as well as changing the flowers and materials, we can make this design even more beautiful. I utilized wire in the bottom to hold the mechanics, and on the neck, I used rustic wire from Smithers-Oasis to make a circle. On top are peach and pink flowers in muted tones with some fresh green movement. A palm leaf sprayed with Design Master spray paint adds more pop.

5) The wild garden look, with its flowing movement, is still very popular. This Y-shaped arrangement features luxury roses in muted soft tones. I created movement with the luxury greens and a balance between the warm tones of the flowers and the cool tones of the greens — creating an arrangement that is ideal for a Valentine’s Day celebration and also for many other gifting opportunities throughout the year.

6) When going out for Valentine’s Day dinner or for celebrating any other special occasion, your customer may want to surprise their special someone with flowers…to wear! The use of pampas grass and dried flowers is an exciting new trend for 2020. I mixed the dry material with muted tone spray roses on a wristlet to create something fantastic. The textural greens also help make this design an exceptional example of wearable floral fashion.

7) To me, if you have a beautiful dress without a necklace, it looks like something is missing. I created this “living necklace” with spray roses, mini anthuriums, pepper berries, air plant, and succulents…using traditional colors. Succulents have been popular for several years now, and the air plant gives the design movement. In addition, the wirework can be formed to accentuate the look and make a memorable statement.

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