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If you ever think about it, how do search engines know about your business? For years when the Web first started, they actually relied on — of all things, data from Yellow Page listings for information, and eventually pieced together data about your business from more sources over the years. But even still, how accurate is this information?

Search engines reward accuracy

Accuracy is key when it comes to your online business listings. The more precise listings you have online, the more relevant your business is to search engines. Check out the following:

  • Renato’s Flowers and Gifts, 7800 Bayberry Road, Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • Renatos Flowers & Gifts, Inc., 7800 Bayberry Rd, Jacksonville, Fl 32256

These two citations may seem the same but upon closer inspection, you’ll see the differences — easy for a human. Now consider how a search engine may perceive these two references. Potentially, as two different business because they are not really the same. graphic

Moz displaying citation accuracy across several search engines.

Visit the wizard of Moz

First, you must decide on how your business will be presented on the Internet — “and Gifts” or “& Gifts” And “LLC” or “Inc?” “N. Main” vs “North Main?” And then stick with it as you’ll be using the same citation everywhere. Another key piece of information is phone number. Make sure it and appears the same — “(516) or no parentheses, dashes or no dashses. Next, visit to check out how your listing appears currently. This is a great tool check citation listings.

Think mobile search first

Next, we recommend start opening accounts or login into these services to update the citation yourself. Although there are several services which claim to automate this process for you, you’ll want to enter specific information like hours, whether parking is available, credit cards you accept, photos of the shop, video and more.

Although you may be thinking most searchers are using desktop computers, believe it, they’ll probably be on mobile devices looking for your business. Because of this, be sure to prioritize the following services for accurate listings for both on desktop and mobile:

  • This is a no brainer as Google dominates both desktop and now mobile searches through it’s dominance with the Android operating system.
  • What’s the second most dominate mobile operating system? It’s IOS from Apple.
  • Although a distant second to Google, providing an accurate listing on Bing gives you almost 99 percent of search engine coverage.
  • You probably have a love/hate relationship with this company but they are the most-used travel app on any mobile OS.
  • You probably already have Facebook page for your business, just be sure your citation matches with all the search engines. And the Facebook app is the number one used app on any mobile device.


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