In Love with Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Cascade Bouquets are trending among brides this year! These are bouquets featuring flowers that descent bellow of the main portion of the bouquet designs. They are typically larger in designs and cascade down with flowers.

Cascade bouquets have followed along the shift of bridal fashion. Nowadays, brides are looking for dresses with larger skirts and sleeves, leaving behind the halter and sleeveless weeding gowns. This change in fashion, has given us the opportunity to design and build beautiful cascade bouquets.

Hand tide bouquets match well with this cascade bouquet trend. When you are designing for your brides keep in mind how they will be caring the bouquet. Keep the length between 18 to 24 inches so that the bride is not overpowered. Also, make sure the flower arrangement is comfortable by keeping in mind its weight. Be cautious of using too many roses or heavy tropical flowers.

Cascade bouquets are great for photographs! To ensure she can get the beautiful shots, teach your bride how to properly hold the bouquet. She can carry her cascade bouquets with the handle touching her belly bouton projecting the flowers forward. You can also instruct your bride to carry it sideways, allowing the flowers to drop down and float as she moves.

To construct your cascade bouquet, make sure you use high quality foam. We recommend Max Life Foam by Smithers-Oasis as it keeps your flowers hydrated, elongating their shelf life. Many millennial brides love color so do not be afraid to mix warm tones with cool tones. The contrast makes both colors pop! Also, create a focal area of attention and add texture with ribbons or yarn. These details will make your design unique and whimsical!

Whatever you create, make sure you have your bride in mind. The dress and the bouquet are the main things she will be concerned about. After you finish the bouquet make sure the back looks polished. This will help the bride to carry the cascade bouquet with more ease. Having a well-done arrangement will make you look more professional.

Check out Jackie Lacey AIFD CFD PFCI on this bridal flower trend!

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