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Tips & Tricks: Jackie Lacey 

Breathe life into dried foliage for international flair  

The advancement of shipping and the ability to receive flowers and foliage from all over the world in a relatively short amount of time, if not overnight, has created an opportunity to give our designs a different look…or provide an entire design made with only foliages.  

   This trend has taken hold, especially in the corporate world where they long to stretch the budget with designs that provide a longer shelf life and a more modern style. The look is clean and uncomplicated, yet this simple design approach can provide a whole bunch of international flair. 

   The more common foliages are mostly grown in Florida or in many other warm parts of the United States. However, the origination of the available plant product may come from Israel, Italy, Mexico, South America or Canada. 

   At times these foliages do not hold up well in the various climates we have in the U.S. And what happens when you open the box and the leaves are crisp, withered or discolored? Give the foliage a new look with some of the great Design Master spray paints and finishes. Or just spray the foliage or natural product to fit today’s style. 

   Given the great shelf life most foliages have, you can already get your money’s worth by just using them. But if you really want to stretch today’s budget, give a new look to plant product or foliage that’s already been used…and see your profit margin grow. Shown here is a beautiful possibility.     



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