Hello, everyone! My name is Lesley and I am a designer for Napco Imports. When I was asked to write a post for this blog my mind was instantly swimming with ideas. I had no idea where to start. I settled on highlighting a Napco line that we introduced for the 2016 season and will be carrying forward into 2017. This is a collection of everyday metallic containers and planters for florists and event professionals.

We’ve seen the headlines for a couple of years now…Metallics! Metallics! Metallics! Even now, they are still going strong. The popularity has moved from cooler to warmer metals but everyone is all about the shine. What excites me most about this trend – and the line we have created – is the inherent versatility. If you stock up on copper, gold and silver for the holidays, the product doesn’t have to be packed up just because the season is over.

The best part about metallic finishes is that they can be used all year long. Holiday centerpiece? Check. Event centerpiece? Check. Valentine’s arrangement? Check. Anniversary, engagement, birthday – check, check, check! Since the holiday season is practically on our doorstep, it seems like the perfect time to look at some appropriate products…just don’t plan on packing them up come January.


The electroplated stone collection – Great collection of silver, gold and bronzy copper with a contrast of stone texture.


Item numbers: 21709, 21710 & 21713


Gold hanging planter – A fun piece for hanging at the center of a wreath or securing to a base of foam for an interesting holiday centerpiece.


 Item number: 65075


Gold boat planter – This is a beautiful piece for a holiday centerpiece or an elegant mantelpiece.


Item number: 21738


Hobnail oval vase – Great piece for a structured amaryllis arrangement at Christmas but also great for parties and events all year. This would also be stunning for a red roses arrangement at Valentine’s.


Item number: 21740


Champagne ball vase – Beautiful metallic texture that would look great paired with smooth and reflective metal finishes. It also resembles a light bulb shape which is perfect for the holidays.


Item number: 21753


As you can see, there’s no sense in wasting useful products simply because the holiday season is over. If you shop smart, choosing items such as these, you don’t have to. Remember, the wisest move will always be to select attractive, easy-to-market products that will move throughout the year. Napco has a diverse selection to allow you to do just that. All you’ll need is a little imagination to make the most of our most popular products.