Mother’s Day 2018 Countdown

As we fast approach the Mother’s Day holiday, all of your advance planning will be put to the test, including your containers and supplies purchases, fresh flowers ordering, getting extra help in design and delivery, making sure the van(s) are running, and your marketing plan up to date. So, while you are in the 30-day window of holiday, review your plan, the checklist of items that were ordered or forgotten (include quantities & prices), review your staffing and work schedules. It is getting close to order cut-off dates to pre-order your flower order. Usually pre-book prices are lower than market prices and ensure that your orders will be filled and delivered. Make sure your flower order is scheduled to arrive at the apparated time. Too early and the flowers will be past their prime when you deliver them. Too late, the flowers do not have enough time to hydrate and blooms start to open.

Marketing – getting the word out and reminding your customers “it is time to order Flowers for Mom.

Start with your website and change the Banner to MOTHER’S DAY and feature arrangements for Mom with a range of price points. Email Blasts, make sure the contact list is up to day and spend the extra time to dress up the email message to include the Mother’s Day banner and a picture of Mom getting flowers. Some of us are using radio, and my experience is that some radio stations will do a trade credit (radio time for flowers). Last, decorating your shop that say’s Mother’s Day starting on the outside for passing customers. Just make sure the Print on the Signs are very large and can be easily read. On the inside, as the customer walks in, the first thing they see “Mother’s Day” with signage and arrangements

Closing thoughts, for most of us, Mother’s Day is the last major time before December we have the opportunity for big sales number and a major contribution to the bottom line (Profit). Doing well at this holiday is a must, especially to make it through the long hot summer. Disappointing a customer for this holiday will affect the possibility of future sales to that customer. Every order should be perfect, flowers are fresh and beautiful, exactly what the customer ordered and delivered on time.

Best Wishes for a successful Mother’s Day!

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