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The Floriology Institute broadcasts the following webinars free of charge so you can quickly learn of the value of how these strategies can immediate benefit your business. If the title is linked, this provides access to a replay. Check back for a full schedule.


Improving Your Shop’s Ratings & Reviews

Improving Your Online Ratings & Reviews from BloomNet on Vimeo.

When customers search for products and services online, the choice in vendors could be overwhelming. What are more and more relying on to make a purchasing decision? A vendor’s ratings and reviews!

Join Floriology Business Instructor Renato Cruz Sogueco with special guest and reviews and rating expert Cresta Pillsbury of ShopperApproved, as they share information and best practices on how you can boost your online reputation.

Let’s Go Content Crazy! How to Easily Write Website Blogs

Let’s Go Content Crazy! How to Easily Write Website Blogs from BloomNet on Vimeo.

Creating fresh content is the number one activity our Google contacts recommend to raise website ranking in search results. Although basic Search Engine Optimization is still important, Google’s algorithm pays close attention to website changes — text, photos or videos. More change the better, they add.

This webinar shows you how to kick start an easy process to develop blog topics, write short and sweet posts, best practices to gather media like photos and videos and shows you how to prepare this content to publish to social media.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Demystified!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Demystified! from BloomNet on Vimeo.

Do a Google search on your shop. What do you see? The answer is most likely competitors taking the top ad spots on the results page — from a search using your business name. Yes, this is legal and inexpensive for competitors especially if you DO NOT invest in SEM. Even if the shop ranks high in organic search results, customers still need to scroll down to see these listings. And research reveals less people do this.

SEM was once considered an option. Now it is a MUST for every floral retail business. In this webinar we’ll chat about the value of SEM for your business, recommend the right services and share best practices to get you started.

Easy SEO Practices to Build Everyday Business

Easy SEO Practices to Build Everyday Business with Renato Cruz Sogueco from BloomNet on Vimeo.

More than 80 percent of shoppers use search as their preferred tool prior to making a purchase. Is your website configured to be found on the first search engine result page (SERP)? First page placement is key as only less than 5 percent of shoppers click on to page two.

Renato provides the technical insight you need (and delivered in easy-to-understand language), to work with your web developer to properly search engine optimize (SEO) your shop website. Also discover how you could boost holiday business, everyday, funeral, events and wedding business through the same SEO methods.

Let’s Go Content Crazy! How to Easily Create Social Posts

Driving traffic from Social Media is solid practice to build website revenue through clicks and boost ranking in search pages as a result of building inbound links, says our Google contacts.

Building upon our last webinar on blogs, we show you how to take the same content you already developed on your website and convert it to suitable posts for Facebook, Google+, Twitter.

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